Hierarchical Access Levels

With many multi-office clients, Advenda Pro quickly released the need for hierarchical access levels. These are set by the agency and ensures that each user has access to the functionality and approval level necessary for the role. It also means that individuals can access systems across multiple offices if needed.


Advenda Pro reporting is easy to read and easy to share. Whether you are looking to track the number of listings or vendor paid advertising trends, the system can report on it all, and much more.

We can also monitor usage levels to provide key insights to agency management.

Multiple Approval Stages

Mistakes can cost time and money so Advenda Pro has a number of steps in place to minimise the chance of errors. Multiple approval stages ensures that many eyes sees a proof before being printed. As well, approvals can also be stored in the system for future reference if needed.


The proofing stage is made easier by Advenda Pro. Communication is stored on the system so users can easily refer back to past comments. It also removes the need for email.

Account Manager

Each client has their own Account Manager who is on hand to assist you and your team with getting the best out of the Advenda platform.

Help Desk

Our Australian based help desk staff are always on hand to answer any questions or talk you through any steps at any time.

Graphic Design

On top of our system, Advenda Pro can also assist with graphic design tasks that may need to take place outside of the platform. This includes everything from new branding design to simple, agent marketing pieces.

Web Design

A high quality website has never been more important. Advenda Pro has a team of highly skilled individuals who can assist you with your web design and online presence.

Real Estate

Real Estate

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